What’s the difference between the Clarisonic and the Macro Exfoliator?

QUESTION: What’s the difference between the Clarisonic and the Macro

the differenceANSWER: The Clarisonic brush cleans, softens and smooths skin. The brush is gentle, and it removes makeup, oil and dirt more than manual cleansing. 

The Macro Exfoliator is a hand-held, personal at-home, do-it-yourself, exfoliation tool that sweeps away dead skin cells by removing the stratum corneum (the top layer of skin) leaving your skin smoother and healthier looking with a more luminous complexion. 

It’s diamond tip head is the first thing you should notice that is different between them. Only 5 minutes a week removes 5 million dead skin cells.

Lack of exfoliating and sun exposure are the biggest contributors to older looking, dull skin. Start your at-home, do-it-yourself, exfoliating by reaching out to me TODAY!


See for yourself!

The Macro E has been getting rave reviews in the beauty press, creating an unprecedented demand.

Contact me now, and ask me how you can get one at my Consultant pricing!  

Clinical Results:  95% of participants experienced an improvement in their skin texture after ONE use!!



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